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Best Fishing Trips and Boat Guides in Oregon and Washington

Exciting Salmon, Walleye and Steelhead Fishing in Oregon and Washington

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Looking for the best fishing trips and boat guides in Washington? Want to see and catch Salmon, Walleye and Steelhead in Oregon? You have come to the right place!

Experience the best *Walleye, Salmon and Steelhead fishing trips in Washington and Oregon with Below the Boat Guides.

Expert Guides and World Class Boat Trips for all Fishing Enthusiasts in Oregon and Washington!

Enjoy an unforgettable experience catching different game fishes such as Walleye, Steelhead, Salmon, and much more!

Below the Boat Guides is a family-friendly fish guiding service and fishing trips provider in Washington and Oregon area. The company's boat trips focus on a scenic boat ride around the area of Washington and Oregon and in catching Walleyes, Salmons, and Steelhead fishes on Columbia River. We offer guiding fishing trips for Walleye, Salmon, and Steelhead to fishermen, anglers, and all fishing enthusiasts in Washington and Oregon area.

Friendly and Experienced Local Boat and Fishing Guides for Your Trips

Here at Below the Boat Guides, we believe that for our clients to get the best fishing and boat trips in Washington and Oregon, they have to have local guides who don't only know how to maneuver the different rivers, but also can truly give interesting anecdotes and cultural information about the areas. That's why we only have the best licensed local guides who can answer questions about the different fishes and talk about the Columbia River and its lively community.

Meet Captain Troy Johnson and experience a fun and exciting Walleye, Salmon, and Steelhead fishing trips in Washington and Oregon. Growing up along the Columbia River and having a deep passion for fishing, especially Walleye, Salmon and Steelhead, Capt. Troy was able to provide the best fishing experience to all his clients in Washington and Oregon area.

As a US Coast Guard credentialed and licensed, certified in CPR and First-Aid and with years of experience in fishing and guiding service, Capt Troy Johnson can provide a 100% satisfaction and best fishing experience in Washington and Oregon. He specializes in Walleye fishing trips on the Columbia River but also offers Salmon and Steelhead trips as seasons allow.

About Walleyes, Salmons, and Steelheads

When going fishing, it's always a good idea to research and know as much as you can about the different fishes you can catch in the area. Here at Below the Boat Guides, we always give our clients some helpful information about Walleyes, Salmons, and Steelheads so that they can have a better and more enjoyable time fishing with our guides.

Peak Seasons for Walleyes, Salmons, and Steelheads

Walleyes are highly prized game fish, and are known for their excellent taste. Walleye peak season is between March and September, but can be caught year round. Peak Salmon season is typically April, May, and June on the Columbia River. Peak Steelhead season is usually October, November, December and January.

Our guided boat trips and fishing adventures in Oregon and Washington are all conducted by experienced guides. We make sure that trips are safe, comfortable, and fun!

Come and enjoy a day of Walleye, Salmon and Steelhead fishing trip and boat guides that you will remember for a lifetime. Call today to schedule your fishing trips and boat guides in Washington and Oregon. Discover why Below Boat Guides has been happily serving customers in Washington and Oregon area.